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New Assignments Arrivals - 

Project Overview -


You just got hired as a java developer analyst to build a new application for the placement agency
This company helps the clients to create their own profile and cv on the internet and look for jobs. The
president of MyCVOnline wants to have a website to display the user’s profile as well as the available jobs.
Product Features:
CV Module
● User Registration
● Login {/ Logout} to the system
● Create {/ View / Edit} user’s Profile
● Create {/ Edit / Delete} users CV
● View user’s CV
User Registration A Form to register new users on the system. The

user must provide at least:


Login / Logout to the system In order to enter to the system the user must login
to the system by providing his username and


View / Edit user’s Profile This page must allow the user to update the
information entered on the registration. This only
should be accessible to the users that are already
logged in.


Create / Edit / Delete candidates’ CV On this section the user must be able to add the
information of his CV. The information to insert
must be categorized in:
Main Skills.
Work Experience


Visualize candidates’ CV This page should show the information registered

on the CV, using a template


Product Features:

Main Deliverables

Deliverable Required Items Duration
Database Model Database Schema Diagram 10 days
Architecture Model Architecture Diagram 10 days
Project Documentation Class Model
Database Model
Architecture Model
User Manual

20 days

Final Meeting / Project Review

Project Timeline

How will Students be evaluated ?

Deliverables Criteria Score

Database & Architecture Model - Presentation Skills
- Quality of the work done


User Registration and Login modules - Software Usability
- Software Code Quality
- Interaction during the sprint


CV Creation & Visualization Modules - Software Usability
- Software Code Quality
- Interaction during the sprint


Project Delivery - Software Code Quality
- Software Usability
- Presentation Skills


Next Steps

• Project Delivery: 06th - November 2019


New Assignments Arrivals - 

Web Security Programming Problem Set

  1. Here is the source code for SimpleWebServer.  Compile and run this program using the following command:


C:\SimpleWebServer> javac

C:\SimpleWebServer> java com.learnsecurity.SimpleWebServer


Make sure you have an“index.html” file in your SimpleWebServer directory.  To access the server, start up a web browser and enter the following url:







   This toy web server is used to illustrate security vulnerabilities.

   This web server only supports extremely simple HTTP GET requests.


   This file is also available at




package com.learnsecurity;                               




import java.util.*;                                       


public class SimpleWebServer {                           


    /* Run the HTTP server on this TCP port. */          

    private static final int PORT = 8080;                


    /* The socket used to process incoming connections

       from web clients */

    private static ServerSocket dServerSocket;           


    public SimpleWebServer () throws Exception {         

       dServerSocket = new ServerSocket (PORT);         



    public void run() throws Exception {                

       while (true) {                                  

           /* wait for a connection from a client */

           Socket s = dServerSocket.accept();          


           /* then process the client's request */





    /* Reads the HTTP request from the client, and

       responds with the file the user requested or

       a HTTP error code. */

    public void processRequest(Socket s) throws Exception {

       /* used to read data from the client */

       BufferedReader br =                                

           new BufferedReader (

                           new InputStreamReader (s.getInputStream()));


       /* used to write data to the client */

       OutputStreamWriter osw =                           

           new OutputStreamWriter (s.getOutputStream()); 


       /* read the HTTP request from the client */

       String request = br.readLine();                   


       String command = null;                            

       String pathname = null;                           


       /* parse the HTTP request */

       StringTokenizer st =

           new StringTokenizer (request, " ");              


       command = st.nextToken();                      

       pathname = st.nextToken();                     


       if (command.equals("GET")) {                   

           /* if the request is a GET

              try to respond with the file

              the user is requesting */

           serveFile (osw,pathname);                  


       else {                                        

           /* if the request is a NOT a GET,

              return an error saying this server

              does not implement the requested command */

           osw.write ("HTTP/1.0 501 Not Implemented\n\n");



       /* close the connection to the client */




    public void serveFile (OutputStreamWriter osw,     

                        String pathname) throws Exception {

       FileReader fr=null;                                

       int c=-1;                                           

       StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();


       /* remove the initial slash at the beginning

          of the pathname in the request */

       if (pathname.charAt(0)=='/')                       



       /* if there was no filename specified by the

          client, serve the "index.html" file */

       if (pathname.equals(""))                           



       /* try to open file specified by pathname */

       try {                                               

           fr = new FileReader (pathname);                

           c =;                                 


       catch (Exception e) {                               

           /* if the file is not found,return the

              appropriate HTTP response code  */

           osw.write ("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found\n\n");        




       /* if the requested file can be successfully opened

          and read, then return an OK response code and

          send the contents of the file */

       osw.write ("HTTP/1.0 200 OK\n\n");                   

       while (c != -1) {      


           c =;                                 


       osw.write (sb.toString());                                 



    /* This method is called when the program is run from

       the command line. */

    public static void main (String argv[]) throws Exception {


       /* Create a SimpleWebServer object, and run it */

       SimpleWebServer sws = new SimpleWebServer();         ;                                            




  1. What happens if a client connects to SimpleWebServer, but never sends any data and never disconnects?  Test this out with your running server.   What type of an attack is this?


b)  Try the DoS attack described in class: See if you can download /dev/random (assuming you are running on a Linux system).  Rewrite serveFile() as discussed in class to guard against this type of attack.


c) Implement logging in SimpleWebServer.  For each client that connects to the server, obtain information about that client and write the information in a log file.


  1. HTTP supports a mechanism that allows users to upload files in addition to retrieving them through a PUT command. 

  • What threats would you need to consider if SimpleWebServer also provided functionality for uploading files?

  • For each of the specific threats you listed, what security mechanisms must be added to mitigate these threats?

  • Implement uploading capability in SimpleWebServer.  You will need to research how to send an HTTP PUT command to the server.  You also need to write a storeFile() function.  Implement as much security as you feel is needed to guard against the threats you specified above.

  • Once you have logging and storeFile() implemented, launch an attack to deface index.html, that is, replace it with another index.html that you have created.  (This is a common attack against



  1. What are the most important steps you would recommend for securing a new web server? A new web application?

  2. What is "Cross-Site Scripting"? What is the potential security impact to servers and clients?


  1. What are phishing and pharming?  What are the some ways to protect against such attacks?


  1. Explore the website:


  • What are some of the vulnerabilities of web browsers discussed in the Securing your Web Browser section?

  • What are some modes of attack used to implement a Denial of Server?  What preventive measures can be implemented?

Some of the problems above, and the SimpleWebServer source code are from:

  • "Foundations of Security: What Every Programmer Needs To Know" (ISBN 1590597842) by Neil Daswani, Christoph Kern, and Anita Kesavan. 

Manual Solution on Request - 

New Assignment Arrival - 

Lecture MGE-04: Geoinformation Systems, Winter term 2018/19

Homework Assignment 1
Please submit your java Files via eCampus until November 4, 8 am.
Task 1
The following two classes are given:
􀀀 center: Point
􀀀 r: double
+ area(): double
+ perimeter(): double
+ distance(Disk): double
+ intersects(Disk): boolean
􀀀 x: double
􀀀 y: double
+ distance(): double
The class Point has two private attributes, x and y, both of type double. There is a
constructor which expects x and y as attributes. Besides getters and setters, there is a
method for computing the distance to another point.
Objects of the class Disk have attributes center, a Point, and r, a double. These
attributes are private. Hence, getters and setters are necessary. Initially, these attributes
are set with the help of the constructor. Furthermore, there are methods for computing
the area of a disk and its perimeter, respectively. Besides, the minimum distance to
another disk is computable. Two disk intersect if their (minimum) distance is 0; in that
case, intersects returns true.
a) Implement the classes in Java programming lan-
guage. Provide both classes with getters and set-
ters for every attribute and a constructor that ex-
pects initial values for the attributes as parame-
b) Deal with the given example in a main method us-
ing the given classes. Answer the following ques-
tion with a meaningful output: Do the circles in-
A(0; 0)
C(3:2; 6:4) D(6:4; 6:4)
MGE-04: Geoinformation Systems
Task 2
In a cycling-route planner, information on the elevation prole is modeled as follows:
􀀀d: double
􀀀h: double
+PointInProle(double, double)
+getD(): double
+setD(double): void
+getH(): double
+setH(double): void
􀀀points: PointInProle[]
+getPoints(): PointInProle[]
+setPoints(PointInProle[]): void
+subProle(int,int): Prole
+totalAscent(): double
+maxSlope(): double
The following gure shows an example. Here, P2 is a point in the prole with d = d2
and h = h2. The prole is described with an array [P1; P2; P3; P4; P5; P6; P7] of PointInProle
objects. In the following, we assume that arrays of points are always sorted by distance d.
ascent (in total: 5)
10 50 100 150
Implement both classes.
Constructors and setters set attribute values only. Getters return attribute values and
leave the object unchanged.
subProfile: This method expects two indices i and j. If i and j are valid indices with
i < j a new Prole object is generated with the points Pi, Pi+1,. . . , Pj and returned.
totalAscent: See example; only positive values are considered.
maxSlope: This method returns the maximum slope that occurs in the considered
Implement the given example.
2 /Institut fur Geodasie und Geoinformation

New Arrivals - 

 (Part A)

Part A – Simulation

• Create a package called 

• Create supporting classes to perform Cellular Automata calculations – Recommended tasks:

• Create a  CACrystal , which holds a 2D array of cells

• Create a  CACell helper class which defines the state of a cell

• Create a  CARule class  which can assign a new cell based on a prior crystal

• Create a  CACrystalSet that holds multiple  CACrystals and can call the  CA Rule class repeatedly to  generate a new  crystal state

• Build a simulation routine or class

• Set initial conditions

• Add a run() method that executes creation

• Demonstrate valid 2D  Cellualr Automata crystal growth

Contact For Manual Solution -  


New Arrivals - 

Homework #4 (include Name, CST250-nn LAB4, & date) 

I. Answer the even numbered CheckPoint questions (through 18.24).

2. Answer the even numbered end of chapter Review questions (multiple choice and true/false, through 18.18). Also, answer slide 44

3. Answer the 4 Find the Errors questions (page 1163).

4. Write an app somewhat based on Code 18-13 GenericSearchArray that asks a user if they want to search for String or Integer values, as well as the name of the .txt file containing the data. Then you repeatedly prompt for a value to search for, until they indicate they want to quit. You could use Numbers.txt from Chap. 7 and MyFriends.txt from Chap.4 or make up your own -txt files for input data to be searched. Your app should include appropriate Exception Handling via try... catch blocks (e.g., what if the file is not found, or the user inputs characters instead of digits for the Integer data). Use JOptionPane to interact with the user (text pp. 92-8). Name your app CST250xxChapl 8genericSearchArrays where xx your initials ** Provide both hardcopy and softcopy of your java file(s)

   This program uses a generic method to sequentially
   search an array for a value.

public class GenericSearchArray
   public static void main(String[] args)
      int position;  // To hold a string's position in the array
      // Array of strings to search
      String[] names = { "Jack", "Kelly", "Beth",
                         "Chris", "Kenny", "Britainy" };

      // Search the array for Chris.
      position = sequentialSearch(names, "Chris");

      // Determine whether Chris was found.
      if (position == -1)
         System.out.println("Chris is not in the array. ");
         System.out.println("Chris is at position " + position);
      The sequentialSearch method searches an array for
      a value.
      @param array The array to search.
      @param value The value to search for.
      @return The subscript of the value if found in the
              array, otherwise -1.

   public static < E extends Comparable<E> > 
            int sequentialSearch(E[] array, E value)
      int index;        // Loop control variable
      int position;      // Position the value is found at
      boolean found;    // Flag indicating search results

      // Position 0 is the starting point of the search.
      index = 0;

      // Store the default values position and found.
      position = -1;
      found = false;

      // Search the array.
      while (!found && index < array.length)
         if (array[index].compareTo(value) == 0)
            found = true;
            position = index;

      return position;

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New Arrivals - 

Calculate Payroll
Write a program that can be used to calculate a worker’s expected wages, deductions and net pay based upon the hours worked and pay rate, both entered by the user.
The following percentages are to be used as constants in your program for calculation of withholdings:
• Federal tax withholding rate: 15%
• State tax withholding rate: 4%
• City tax withholding rate: 2%
• Social Security tax rate: 6.2%
• Medicare tax rate: 1.45%
You may declare any additional variables as needed
For this assignment, you are to write six (6) methods, in addition to your main method, as itemized below.
1. Write a method that will allow the user to input the number of hours worked OR their pay rate as separate individual calls to this method. Since both of these values are of type double, you should be able to write one method to accommodate both data items with the only thing changing in each case being the query to the user (“Enter Hours Worked: ” or “Enter Pay Rate: “). This method will contain a loop structure that will iterate until proper input is achieved (data validation). When finished, you should have a generic method that returns a double and can be used throughout your work whenever you need a method to return a validated double. I would suggest that you write similar methods for other data types. You will find this useful in the future. The header of this method should look something like:
private static double GetDoubleAmount(String prompt) prompt = question to the user
2. Write a method that calculates and returns their total pay by multiplying the hours worked times their pay rate.
3. Write a single method that can be used to calculate and return each deduction individually. For instance, this method will be able to calculate both federal OR state taxes by changing only the values sent to the formal parameters via arguments. From this, you will see the true value of methods.
4. Write a method to output pay:
Hours Worked: 41.25
Pay Rate: 20.00
Gross Pay 825.00
5. Write a method to output deductions:
Federal Tax 123.75
State Tax 33.00
City Tax 16.50
Social Sec 51.15
Medicare + 11.96
Total Deductions 236.36
6. Write a method to output net pay:
Net Pay 588.64
All together, your output will be:
Enter Hours Worked: 41.25
Enter Pay Rate: 20
Hours Worked: 41.25
Pay Rate: 20.00
Gross Pay 825.00
Federal Tax 123.75
State Tax 33.00
City Tax 16.50
Social Sec 51.15
Medicare + 11.96
Total Deductions 236.36
Net Pay 588.64
BONUS CHALLENGE: (20 points) Modify the above requirement to incorporate overtime pay for hours worked over 40 hours. The overtime rate will be 1.5 times their pay rate for those hours worked over 40. Below are 2 runs of this program, one with hours > 40 (overtime accounted for) and one with hours <= 40:
Enter Hours Worked: 41
Enter Pay Rate: 20
Hours Worked: 41.00
Pay Rate: 20.00
Regular Pay: 800.00
OT Pay + 30.00
Gross Pay 830.00
Federal Tax 124.50
State Tax 33.20
City Tax 16.60
Social Sec 51.46
Medicare + 12.04
Total Deductions 237.80
Net Pay 592.20
Enter Hours Worked: 40
Enter Pay Rate: 20
Hours Worked: 40.00
Pay Rate: 20.00
Gross Pay 800.00
Federal Tax 120.00
State Tax 32.00
City Tax 16.00
Social Sec 49.60
Medicare + 11.60
Total Deductions 229.20
Net Pay 570.80
Once you are completed, save the source code file (.java). Don't forget to put the following information in your submitted file as code comments: Your name Project Name
Date Description of Program Developed and Compiled using // Doug Streitenberger // Chapter 5 Programming Assignment // Today’s Date // This program... // Developed and compiled using NetBeans Finally, click on the link to attach the completed .java file. When you have finished attaching your solution, don't forget to press the SUBMIT button.


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