Homework #6 (include Name, CST250-nn HW6, & date)

Create an app w/ a modified LinkedList1 class (see p. 1246-52) which uses a Point3D <T extends Number> reference instead of String for each Node. This takes time & careful thinking before you try coding it. See slide 18-48 for the definition of Point3D (add a .toString()). Read an input file to create the initial list. Then ask the user if they want 1) Add a Point to the List, 2) Remove a Point, by index, 3) Print the List, or 4) Quit.  Include a method createNewPoint( ) which asks for the data type they want (Integer or Double) for the coordinates, and then asks for the x, y, and z values for the coordinates of this new Point.

Homework #6 (include Name, CST250-nn HW6, & date)

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