Artificial IntelligenceCSE 5290/4301, Spring 2019 - Solution with Coding

All students, individual assignment: DFS and BFS blind search. Use the Romanian road-network map from the
textbook (Fig. 3.2, p68) and output DFS and BFS search tree, for the start node as Arad and the goal node as
Bucharest. Always select children in a sorted order of high-to-low for line-of-sight distances to Bucharest (h value).
Submission in hard copy: a) Source codes; b) Two output search trees from running your code on the Romaninan
city network, one for DFS and one for BFS.


Download Artificial IntelligenceCSE 5290/4301, Spring 2019 Solution with python coding and output form of DFS and BFS blind search tree..

DFS and BFS blind search Assignment Solution

  • Artificial Intelligence Assignment solution

    CSE 5290/4301, Spring 2019 

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    Includes - Assignment question, Complete 100% perfect python code, Screen shot and guidance for execution of the project..

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