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AsciiArt-CSE 142, Autumn - Solution Part A: ASCII Art (4 points): The first part of your assignment is to write a program that produces any text art (sometimes  called "ASCII art") picture you like. Write a Java class named AsciiArt in a file named We will share everyone’s art on the class website. Your program can produce any text picture you like, with the following restrictions and details: The picture should be your own creation, not an ASCII image you found on the Internet or elsewhere.• The number of lines drawn should be at least 3 but no more than 200, and no more than 100 characters / line.• The picture should not include hateful, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate images.• The code should use at least one for loop or static method, but should not contain infinite loops.• The picture must not be identical to your solution for Part B or consist entirely of reused Part B code.• Your code should not use material beyond Ch. 3 of the book.• If your Part A program compiles and runs successfully and meets the above constraints, it will receive the full 4 points. Part A will not be graded on style ("internal correctness")
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