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CEG 7370 – Distributed Computing Design Challenge Team Project Solution

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Design Phase - What does it take to win the game?

Fall, 2022

[In-case I decide not to have final written exam, the grades will be split among project stages appropriately]


The purpose of our open design challenge team project is to help you start distributed computing system and software design, development, testing and validation that validate your ideas, technologies and products (aka, Rapid Prototyping) in a multi-member collaborative development environment.

We have 37 students in class. So, we plan on 9 teams, each with 4 or 5 members. We are planning on one focused project theme for this semester as discussed below. Each team will propose your own project ideas in line with the focused theme, and then participate in the trajectory of project conceptualization, development, integration, testing and refinement.

Focused Theme: Explore innovative ideas for supporting real-time distributed interaction and collaborations during the COVID-19 pandemic and/or remote collaboration/learning based applications. You are encouraged to look into existing platforms.

At the earlier stage of your project, we will work together to identify the major features such an app may provide in order to succeed in a competitive market. We need to pay particular attention to such aspects as user experience, device constraints, e.g., battery usage, screen size, resolution, and etc, as well as product distribution.

Stage 1: Idea Phase (Week 1-6)


1. Understand Distributed collaboration,

2. Application ideas …

3. Teaming: Get your co-founders (keep in mind: ideas help get team together.)

4. Get familiar with the development tools. For example, resources available for delivery and development? Identify the SDK. Is the APIs made available? How fast will it work? In short, does it meet your need?

Deliverables: (20 points out of the total 70 points) Due on Friday, Sep. 30th, 2022(11:59pm)

1. A 10-minute online-presentation for each team project (also serve as your team project proposal) on your project idea at one of the two Thursday project brainstorming sessions:

o 4 teams on Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 2022

o 5 teams on Thursday, Sep. 29th, 2022

2. A PowerPoint template for your presentation will be provided to you through Pilot. Sample list:

o Slides 1: Title (Product Name with a Logo), Team members, Target market, Value propositions

o Slides 2: The pain you are addressing.

o Slides 3: How do you fix it using AI and distributed computing technology, (may also include mobile/cloud computing)? (It has to fit into the focused theme!)

o Slides 4: Your conceptualization and justification for your solution.

o Slides 5: Market research on current offerings available commercially and their limitations.

o Slides 6: Your target market and value propositions. (Why use yours?)

o Slides 7: Your business model. How you are going to make money?

o Slides 8: Team members expertise and contributions.

o Slides 9: Collaborative tools to accommodate your development and communication efforts: GitHub (required), facebook, google doc, etc.

3. Submit a link to your GitHub containing your PowerPoint Slides through Pilot Dropbox by Friday, Sep. 30th, 2022 (11:59pm).

Stage 2: Design Phase (Week 7-11)


5. Understand what features and capabilities are required to ace the target use cases.

6. Understand the existing competitive offers already available in the commercial market. What unique features that you offer distinct and make yours a winner.

7. Need to consider, e.g.:

o UI (e.g., voice command and control, touch, gesture, gaze, …)

o Contents (e.g., use case specific)

o Features: training through virtual role-play, …

o workflows

Deliverables: (20 points out of the total 70 points) - Due on Friday, Nov.4th, 2022(11:59pm)

• Presentations on why your design will make a winner for the target use cases.

o 4 teams – 10 minute presentation on Thursday, Oct. 27th, 2022

o 5 teams - 10 minute presentation on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 2022

• 10-minutes presentation for each team. (up to 6 slides)

o Slides 1: Title, Team members, Target market, Value propositions (from Phase 1)

o Slides 2-6: Key Winning features, capabilities, and your justifications

o Slides 5: Conclusion, and Plan for Implementation Phase

• Submit a link to your GitHub containing your PowerPoint Slides through Dropbox by Friday, Nov. 4th, 2022(11:59pm)

Stage 3: Final Phase: (Week 12-15)


8. Execute your design

o implement the prototype based on your ranking of winning features

o may consider scale back from your design, but have enough to:

• show feasibility

• show your team’s ability to execute the design (software design, programming)

9. Complete the Pitch Deck

o Slides 1: Title, Team members, Target market, Value propositions (from proposal/design phases)

o Slides 2: The pain You are solving (from proposal)

o Slides 3: How you fix it (from proposal)

o Slides 4-6: Key Winning features, capabilities, and your justifications (from design)

o Slides 7: Current status, your initial prototype, … (from proposal/design, but need revision)

o Slides 7+: Recorded Demo Video (New - a backup as well as a submit-able item for your live demo)

o Slides 8: How you are going to make money (business model …) (from proposal)

o Slides 9: Team members and contributions (New)

o Slides 10: What you are asking? Plan for Implementation, technical validation, market-entry, scale-up, …. (from proposal, but need revision)

Deliverables: (30 points out of the total 70 points)

10. Deliver a 15-minute final pitch deck presentation

o 4 teams on Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 2022

o 5 teams on Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2022

o Your attendance is required. 10 points will be deducted from your project if you don't attend the presentation without instructor’s pre-approval! o Venue: Webex or In-person (TBD)

11. Submit a link to your GitHub containing:

a. pitch deck PPT

b. recorded demo video

c. project program zip file (source code with a Readme file)

d. Due by Sunday, Dec. 9th, 2022(11:59pm). (Hard Deadline!) - Submissions beyond this date will not be considered for grades.

For complete guidance and solution of this entire project with different theme and ideas with perfect Source code as per the assignment requirements:

Please Contact Or WhatsApp At : +91 - 995 314 1035 Solution Includes: Plagiarism and AI report with 100% Accuracy.

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